The Hope Center

Community Center

Newburgh, New York


Ecclesia Ministries of Newburgh purchased the former adult home on Grand Street, Newburgh, NY. The three-building, 17,500 square-foot facility already houses a five-member intentional community, a nascent spiritual center, and Our House, a drop-in center serving homeless persons. Our plans are to expand the community to as many as 18 residents, expand the spiritual center, launch a center for peace and justice, develop a respite care program, open a café, create a pocket park, and much more.

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“We at Ecclesia have been overjoyed with the creativity and quality that has gone into the work you’ve done for us. From the concept plan to perspectives to the detailed plans, your work has been outstanding. Topping it off has been your good humor and kindness to us. Thank you!” -Rev. Steve Ruelke

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